J.C.’s Elections Reform Plan Featured in the Gotham Gazette

Public Advocate Candidate Outlines Election Reform Agenda

By Felipe De La Hoz

August 25, 2017

“With candidates vying for votes ahead of New York City’s September primary and November general elections, many in and around campaigns know that the state’s antiquated election laws will, in part, ensure that a small percentage of potential voters will cast ballots among limited choices.

“One candidate, Juan Carlos Polanco, known as J.C., is currently the presumptive Republican nominee for Public Advocate and has released an extensive package of proposed reforms to New York voting laws.

“As a former member of the New York City Board of Elections (BOE), Polanco has had personal experience with the system that certifies candidates and runs elections. In a document provided to Gotham Gazette and subsequent phone conversation, Polanco outlined plans he believes will update, improve, and secure elections in New York through a combination of legislative changes, ballot referendums, and even changes to the state constitution.”

Read the entire article here: gothamgazette.com/PolancoPlan

To read J.C.’s plan, click here: Elections Reform Plan

Or see below:

J.C.'s Election Reforms Plan

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